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We are Fit-Flip –

the partner for your active lifestyle

No matter if you love the hiking, traveling short or long distances, go out for a golf match, or you are training in a gym. With Fit-Flip you always take the right choice.

You deserve

 functionality without any compromises

Quick dry

One of the distinguishing features of microfiber is that it dries extremely quickly. Due to its unique structure, the fabric releases moisture much faster than comparable fabrics. To give you a ball park number: microfibre towels also dry more than twice as fast as comparable terry towels.

Soft on your skin

We are proud to say that through many stages of development our towels feel noticeably softer and gentler on the skin than comparable microfiber towels.


Microfiber is not a natural fiber like cotton or wool. The artificial fabric provides no breeding ground for bacteria.That is perfect to avoid smelly odours in your sport bag.

Smart and lightweight

Fit-Flip sports towels and functional towels are ultra-lightweight. Thanks to their compact fiber structure, making them the perfect companion for your next hike in the mountains, journey or any kind of sporting activities. Our carrying bags are perfect for carrying the towels in a small space-saving format.

About us

We do not sell to couch potatoes. Just kidding. But our products are dedicated to those who like to live an active and vivid lifestyle. For you guys Fit-Flip are the ideal companions – whether in sports, traveling or on vacation.

We are a young team of sports enthusiasts who know how important it is to rely on material, fabric and functionality. It is precisely for this reason that we develop all our products in such a way that they are not only of high quality, but also functionally versatile.

Since 2015, the Fit-Flip team stands and always stood for smart products designed and made for people with active lifestyles.

Color is individuality

What color do you associate an unforgettable feeling a special emotion, a victory or a success?